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Working With Youth and Families

Brooke Lusk, Families January 19th, 2012
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~ By Brooke

Family and home life both play an enormous role in a youth’s development. Every family is different with its own unique set of values and circumstances. As youth-serving professionals, when your appointment is over or the school day ends, what sort of experiences are your teens having?

At The Prevention Researcher, we have put together a collection of issues that we hope will help professionals feel better equipped to navigate the many different family situations their youth encounter. This set of issues touches on a wide variety of topics, including:

• Coping with grief
• How families can help a self-injurious youth
• Supporting youth as they transition to adulthood
• Living in poverty
• Adolescent substance abuse and parental alcohol abuse
• Fostering positive sexual identity and healthy sexual behaviors
• Assisting immigrant and refugee youth
….and more


This new collection of issues, titled Working With Families and Youth, comes with 15 print issues, a CD featuring digital versions of each issue and four related podcasts, the DVD “Troop 1500: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars,” — all contained in a TPR binder. This collection is available now for $325, which is a 25% discount from its value.

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