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Thurston High School Shooting

Posted by Jasmine on April 14th, 2011 filed in Jasmine Rose Penter, Trauma/Disasters, Violence/Victimization

This semester I’m taking a policy advocacy class at the University of Southern California, for the masters of social work program. Over the semester we were asked to study a piece of legislature; I chose HR 227 Child Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act of 2011. Looking at this piece of legislature opened my eyes [...]

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Online vs. Offline Victimization: Are distinctions necessary?

With all the attention being given to internet harassment, bullying, and sexual solicitations, I have often wondered how this type of victimization differs from “in person” victimization, and whether different youth are being impacted by online vs. offline victimization. Thus, a recent article by Kimberly Mitchell and colleagues at the Crimes against Children Research Center [...]

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